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    Purchase unique fire paintings, rich and complex grasses and an exclusive opportunity to own studio pieces from previous collections.

    About Royden

    An ex war-zone TV news soundman, Royden's techniques are inventive, his processes explosive. From painting with fire to sculpting with weaponry, Royden's work is unique and exciting. How did he become an artist and where does he get his inspiration?

    More about Royden

    Painting with fire

    Grass and sky

    Royden Astrop

    Beautiful contemporary art created with explosive techniques

    Painting hearts with fire

    Royden creates strikingly dramatic hearts by setting fire to the paint and sculpting the flames.

    There is an upside to living with mental illness. Not a phrase I ever thought I’d hear myself saying but, as far as my creativity goes, it’s true.
    • 3 min read
    Painting with fire? It's not as mad as it sounds. Take a quick peak here.
    • 1 min read